About us

Our story


BariBuddy is a digital support tool aimed at making life easier before and after bariatric surgery. It was created in Gothenburg 2017. The founders are themselves clinically active in the field of obesity surgery.

We think the reason you have landed on this site is  because you are about to or have already had bariatric surgery. Or perhaps you work in obesity care and see benefits for your local clinic. BariBuddy will help patients to keep track of practical infomation, be inspirational, push reminders and optimize the end results.

The name BariBuddy of course implies bariatric, but above all it will be your buddy. We do not count calories, as you will never again be on a regular ‘diet’ after your surgery. Nice, eh? This is where our app enters the picture. It will help you establish good daily long term routines -without limiting your life.

When working with bariatric care our primary goal is to facilitate, coach and lift our patients. It is our aim and ambition that this will also show throughout the style and approach of the BariBuddy app.

The persons behind BariBuddy

BariBuddy was founded by physician Carl-Magnus Broden and dietician Joanna Lenner together with the company Baricol Bariatrics, which develops support tools for people that have undergone obesity surgery. Today, the app is run by Baricol Bariatrics with the support of doctors, dietitians and psychologists.