About us

Our Story

Let’s start from the beginning. Our founders were working in the clinical areas of bariatric surgery when they noticed some gaps in the follow-up care that patients were receiving and wanted to help change this. That’s when they came up with the idea to created a digital support tool aimed at making life easier before and after bariatric surgery, and after some trial and error, BariBuddy was born in 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

The name BariBuddy of course implies that it’s a tool for people who have had bariatric surgery, but more than that, it’s here to be your buddy along the journey.   It helps users keep track of practical information, find inspiration, get reminders, order vitamins, and much more all with an aim to optimise not only weight loss but also a healthy life in general.  Additionally, BariBuddy was created to help patients establish these healthy routines without limiting their lives like some other “diet” apps may. For example, BariBuddy does not count calories. While this may seem counterintuitive to some of you, the reason is that we want to help empower you to live a health life rather than make you feel like you’re just on another diet. 

When working in bariatric care, our primary goal is to facilitate, coach, and encourage our patients to live their best lives. It is our hope and aim that this ambition shows through the style and approach we’ve used in BariBuddy app.

The People behind BariBuddy

BariBuddy was founded by physician Carl-Magnus Broden and dietitian Joanna Lenner together with the company Baricol Bariatrics, which develops support tools for people that have undergone bariatric surgery. Today, the app is run by Baricol Bariatrics with the support of doctors, dietitians, and psychologists.