Northern Europe’s largest clinic will give all their patients BariBuddy

Northern Europe’s largest clinic will give all their patients BariBuddy
March 13, 2018 Joanna Lenner
aleris logga

From late spring 2018, anyone who undergoes a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve operation at Aleris Obesitas i Skåne and Stockholm will receive 2-year licenses on the BariBuddy app.

In healthcare, we are increasingly focusing on digital tools to facilitate support and treatment. Our vision is that BariBuddy should be the extended arm for gastric bypass and gastric sleeve operated, with the aim of being included to all patients regardless of where the operation is done. The app will be adapted to the clinic or hospital’s unique recommendations and be with the patient in their daily lives.

Aleris Obesitas performs most operations in Northern Europe – approximately 700-1000 patients will from the middle of May 2018 have access to the app. Congratulations!

What can BariBuddy do?

BariBuddy is a digital support tool designed to facilitate everyday life for patients who have or are planing to undergone obesity surgery. The idea of the app is that it will be the extended arm of the clinics, where the patient gets reminders on his phone about what to do when it’s time in the form of push notifications. The app also contains recipes, questions and answers, eating speed timer, food diary, weight curve and much more.

In addition to helping the patient in their daily lives, the app can also generate a report that the patient can send directly to his clinic. This is a good tool for troubleshooting when a patient contacts the clinic because they are not doing well.

Share and tell your hospital or clinic about the possibility!


BariBuddy app

BariBuddy push reminders in an iWatch


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