for bariatric clinics

BariBuddy 2.0 for bariatric surgery clinics

BariBuddy is a digital support tool making life easier for patients pre and post obesity surgery. The idea behind the application is to be the long arm of the clinics, where patients receive tailored, well-timed push reminders in their smartphones regarding actions to take; like eating meals, taking Omeprazole, supplements, etc. The app also contains recipe database, FAQ section, Eating Speed Timer, diary, and more.

Besides aiding the patient in their daily life, the app can also generate a report summary, that the patient can then share with their clinic. This is a unique tool to trouble shoot patient problems. The app helps by allowing the user to describe or photograph their meals, note wellbeing in diary, measure eating speed, register number of meals, amount of fluids and taken supplements. This way the app can be used to evaluate whether or not a patient’s problems are connected to behaviour such as eating speed, food choices, fluid intake, etc. At present, BariBuddy is available in Swedish, English and Arabic.

Tailored app for gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy patients adapted to the needs of the operating clinic

At present, there are four clinics affiliated with BariBuddy where their patients are offered the clinics own algorithm with validated information and reminders. The app is adapted to the clinic’s unique layout where several variables are selectable such as contact information, emergency numbers, medicines, vitamins, preoperative diet, logo and recipe content.

Here’s how you can get BariBuddy!

Several of Sweden’s largest clinics have already joined and are offering all of their patients the BariBuddy app. Is the clinic/hospital where you work next in turn? Right now we can offer the BariBuddy customization at a very favorable price.

BariBuddy 2.0 is now available for your clinic

Four of Sweden’s biggest centers have already joined and now offer all their patients BariBuddy. Is your clinic or hospital next? Contact us for more information and offers.

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