FAQ about BariBuddy

Questions and Answers

Our physician and dietician answers common questions about the BariBuddy app and about gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.


  • I don’t get the reminders anymore?

    The idea is to act on the reminders. That is, click on them when you get them for the activity to be registered in the app. If you do not, they stop after a while to come (besides the reminders of taking your vitamins). To get them back again you need to go into profile –> daily schedule –> reset – then they will get started again.

  • I registered the wrong weight in the app. How do I change it?

    If you registered a weight incorrectly, you need to go to the diary. Click on the weight update in the diary and delete.

  • How do I enter my weight into BariBuddy app?

    You enter your start weight in the profile view of the app.

    By pressing the plus sign you will be able to update your current weight on the dash board. This way BariBuddy shows your weight curve after your overweight surgery.

  • Who has developed the BariBuddy app?

    Behind the app is Carl-Magnus Brodén who is a doctor and Joanna Lenner who is a dietician. Both work in Sweden’s largest clinic in obesity surgery, with approximately 700-1000 overweight surgery performed each year. They have developed the app together with the company Baricol Bariatrics, who designs tailored products and services for people who have undergone an weight-loss surgery. Read more about us!

  • What languages is BariBuddy on?

    Currently in Swedish, English and Arabic. The development plans are that BariBuddy will be available in even more languages in the future.

  • What does BariBuddy cost?

    It costs nothing to download the app but the subscription cost is 4,49 €  a month (6,99 USD, 3,99 GBP).

  • When does BariBuddy come for Android?

    BariBuddy is available for both iPhone and Android.

  • Why should I download BariBuddy?

    Baribuddy will be your Buddy from day one. The app will help you with your preparation for your obesity surgery and with the progress after. Regardless of whether you will soon will undergo obesity surgery or if it was a long time ago. The app reminds you of liquids, vitamins and meals. It follows your weight development, clocks your eating speed and gives you food recipes and answers to your most common asked questions. Through this support you will increase your sense of security and optimize your results.