Should I avoid carbohydrates after gastric bypass-surgery?

Should I avoid carbohydrates after gastric bypass-surgery?
November 14, 2017 Joanna Lenner
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How we eat and what we eat influences much of  trends. In recent years, the carbohydrate fear has been a fact; that it’s carbohydrates that make us fat and sick. How should you  deal with carbs when the space is limited?

After a gastric bypass surgery, the small stomach holds 15-20 ml (after a gastric sleeve you remove 85% of the stomach), which clearly indicates that the space is limited. Vitamins are prescribed for life, but you also need to ensure that the food is as nutritious as possible through the limited space. How much a serving is after a weight surgery we have already explained but without discussing the amount of carbohydrates we can figure out how to think based on a few parameters.

  • Carbohydrates are found in majority of foods, so there is rarely something you need to focus on.  Crispbread, vegetables, root vegetables, oatmeal, fruit and berries are all good examples of nutritious carbohydrate sources.
  • Always focus on protein, thinking that 60-70% on the plate should in most cases be a protein source. The rest consists of carbohydrates and fat. BUT, remember, just because a food is labeled “protein rich”, it does’nt automatically means that it’s good for you. Examples of this are vanilla quark/yoghurt that is protein rich but also contains a lot of sugar.
  • You do not get fat of carbohydrates – but choose quality instead of quantity. 1 gram of carbohydrates contains 4 kcal. 1 gram of protein contains 4 kcal, 1 gram of fat contains 9 kcal. That is, if you compare the energy sources, carbohydrates contains as much energy as protein. However, it is important to choose slow fiber rich carbohydrate sources that measure well and do not give an excessive blood sugar.
  • Even if something is unsweetened, it may be full of fast carbohydrates that you should avoid as weight-operated. Some examples of such foods are: rice cakes, Belvita, Blueberry soup and Juice.
  • If your meals consist a lot of carbohydrates: for example, porridge for breakfast, crispbread with butter as a snack meal and a pasta dish for lunch, this will give you low blood sugar an hour after lunch. Hypoglycaemia, which means low blood sugar may affect gastric bypass surgery, and can cause symptoms such as shaking, dizziness, discomfort, which is remedied when eating something that increases blood sugar again. The reason why the low blood sugar occurs is that you lack energy and can be a consequence of eating too little or for carbohydrate. More information on hypoglycemia is coming!

Focus after obesity surgery should therefore be on protein because carbohydrates are easy to get even if you do not choose to eat the largest sources. Several good recipes can be found in the app for the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass-operated BariBuddy.


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