Why should I lose weight before my gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery?

Why should I lose weight before my gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery?
December 26, 2017 Joanna Lenner

It is time for your last diet in life. It may sometimes feel tough to lose weight before surgery, but try to motivate yourself and remember that all weight that you have lost before surgery will in most cases be “retained” kilos. After all, it’s your last diet in life!

The reason your clinic usually gives you a target weight for your surgery is for your liver to become smaller. The liver covers parts of the stomach and by losing weight, the liver becomes smaller and the operation can be performed more safetly. One gram of glycogen (carbohydrates stored in the liver and muscles) binds 3 grams of water. Through weight loss, your body uses your glycogen layers and you lose fluid, which generates a weight loss and a smaller liver. Weight loss also reduces fat deposits around the liver.

Many clinics recommend a low calorie diet is usually aorund 800 kcal and you will drop 2-2.5 kg a week (4,41 lb). If you choose a powder diet, then you will get the right amount of energy and all vitamins and minerals your body needs. You can also count calories, then think about choosing protein rich and nutritious foods. Talk to your dietician.

BariBuddy keeps track of your weight loss prior to your gastric or gastric bypass surgery and reminds you to go to the pharmacy, take your medications for your surgery, shower with sterile sponges, etc. Good luck with your last diet in life!

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